3D Printed Carbon Fibre Build|Elixir Fibretech | Blank Pro 180mm Reverse Kingpin |Dual 6355| 3D printed motor mounts (Carbon fibre CF15)| 36V LION 10S2P HG2 | Dual FOCBOX

HY @ ALL!!! Im very glad to make my 1st post of my 1st Build in this Forum. Ive read lots of articles in this forum about the building of an electric skateboard and without this forum i tink it wouldnt have been possible. So with this post i just want to give something back! As this is my 1st build feel free to give some imput regarding mistakes ive made or improvements i could make. One thing i want to point out is that i tried to make most of the motor mount parts, pulleys ,enclosure parts miself with the help of my 3D printer.

So this is my setup:

Dual 6355 Torque boards motors 190KV (sensored) Dual Focbox’s 10S 2P LG 18650 HG2 Battery with BMS (max continuing discharge 60A no bypassing) 3D printed Wheel Pulleys 36T (printed with Nylon Carbon Filament Fillamentum CF15, 50% infill) 16T Motor metal Pulleys (not printed) Longboard Deck from Blue Tomatoe improved the strenght with Carbon Fibre mats and the Vacuum compression method 3D Printed motor mounts (printed with Nylon Carbon Filament Fillamentum CF15, 50% infill); for the 3D files of the motor mounts i used Thingiverse and remixed them to fit for a dual mount (this is the original thingiverse page i used for my mounts; https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1753981) The Trucks are Blank Pro 180mm Reverse Kingpin Longboard Trucks 10" Axle Black https://www.ebay.com/itm/Blank-Pro-180mm-Reverse-Kingpin-Longboard-Trucks-10-Axle-Black-/140892408040?hash=item20cdd788e8:g:vIUAAOSwnDZT9ikx The truck spacers with the installed LEDs are also from thingiverse (thing 2194760; printed with Nylon Carbon Filament Fillamentum CF15, 50% infill) The pink stuff above and under the truck spacers is TPE (3D printed ) al flexible filament which acts like a damper The wheels are 90mm Flywheel clones (ABEc 7 bearings) but i will change them to black ones The enclusure is made out of Carbon fibre and the pink frame on the board and on the cover of the enclosre is 3D printed and made out of ABS (50% infill) I included 5 strong neodym magnets on the backside of both frames so they stick really well togethter when i close the cover. (dont want to see / use screws to open the enclosure) For the control i user the ALIEN Power Systems control for the momen but im going to make my own 3d printed GT2B http://alienpowersystem.com/shop/radio-transmitters/alien-power-system-2-4ghz-electric-skateboard-remote-control/ The Anti Spark switch is also from ALIEN Power Systems and the switch for the back and front light is a waterproved one from ebay. For loading the battery im using one of those plugs Waterproof 5.5 x2.1mm DC Socket Power Jack Plug Female https://www.ebay.com/itm/2pcs-Waterproof-5-5-x2-1mm-DC-Socket-Power-Jack-Plug-Female-Mount-Connector-TB/202273047467?hash=item2f1869c3ab%3Ag%3A2jAAAOSwhkRWhADu&_sacat=0&_nkw=Waterproof+5.5+x2.1mm+DC+Socket+Power+Jack+Plug+Female&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=m570.l1313 And this power supply from Amazon (36V 2A) https://www.amazon.de/Akkuladung-Ausgang-Ladegerät-Eingang-100-240/dp/B074W8GK9D/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1510699671&sr=8-4-fkmr1&keywords=36v+2a+lader+5.5+x2.1mm

That are my FOCBOXs steeings (used ackmaniacs tool, please comment if ive made any mistakes regarding the settings) I also wanted to start with moderate settings cause im not used to the acceleration of the 2 motors :wink:

And finally the building process and the nearly finished board (the griptape is missing and the wheel colour will be changed to black) If you can suggest me other improvements i should make feel free to do so i really would suggest this!

Need to to some sanding arround the edges of the case

Im planning to add one of those to the board to get more grip / presure while carving

Lets se how long the motor mounts will last (hopefully really long) in case the break or get worn down can you suugest me a good combination of Trucks and motor mounts ?

This are the results of my 1st test ride (37 km/h are about 23 mph; scary fast for me)

Please tell me what you think and thx for this great forum!


One word; Wow

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Great job. Keep us updated. I Hope they last.

Yeah i think ill put on 2 metsl pieces to protect them from stones and other stuff from the street In case they get worn down do you hsve any recommandations for trucks/motor combos Maybe also something to fit bigger motors in the future Kr and thx

Thx man was pkenty of work :grimacing:

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Improved the motor mounts with metal pkates to protect them from wear down of stones and otger stuff on the streetsIMG_5562IMG_5564IMG_5563

The build is pretty done now :grin: IMG_5566IMG_5565


Very interesting build. My questions are: why go all the trouble to make 3d mounts? Why pink? :sweat_smile: There are plenty of motor mount options for caliber trucks: @e.board_solutions, @okp, alienpowersystems, @marcmt88, @dickyho, @Boardnamics,


Hey hey I just wanted to make as most as possible of the parts with my printer thats the reason why i printed them Pink cause sonehow i like the contrast of the color to the plack carbon and i already owned a roll of that material :grin: Thx for the truck brands!:+1:

Also adding @fottaz mount

Nice build. Great use of the 3d printer. Really gotta get me one of those. Hope the components perform as well as they look. All you need now are some pink 97mm wheels to finish of the look.

xeah thx very much hope that too :sweat_smile: I ordered sone yesterday will also give me little more space between the street an my mounts

The ender 3 printer from creality is a real good one at the moment and quite cheap Just check out the reviews on youtube Kr

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Upgraded the battery to 10s4p => bigger enclosure bigger wheels 97mm IMG_5613IMG_5614


Working on my new motor mounts for a dual aps 6374s motor setup IMG_5620IMG_5621