3D Printed Drive Train & Belt Cover

has anyone tried 3D printing a housing for the belt & pulley system? Seem to me like it might be relatively easy to do. My brother works in robotics and has access to a 3D printer. I may give this a go.

Don’t do it in anything but ABS.

Just try it, but it wont last long. If its so simple, cheap, we all already doing this already.

The amount of stress, friction and force on these parts are quite intense. Thats not including the road vibrations and the way you ride.

I 3D printed both a motor cover and a belt cover for my first build. They worked great for a bit until vibrations from riding got to them. Both snapped off within a matter of hours

I have a 3d printed 36t pulley and belt cover ive had no problems so far

The road conditions alone will cause the cover to deteriorate. >﹏< You could give your 3D printer a try in making a conversion for the e-board controller. Not that would be :v: cool :sunglasses:.

Just a thought. :yum:

just use a strong material like nylon, petg or abs. you can print a bit hot for added strength

or if you have 13k laying around, get the markforged that 3d prints carbon fiber and Kevlar…

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Use Taulman910 or polycarbonate and I think it will last. Taulman 910 is quite nice since it’s very elastic and doesn’t crack. I’ve abused RC parts printed in this and they survive a lot. It’s perfect for the belt cover. For drivetrain I think polycarbonate will be very good but it has to be printed with a very fine nozzle to be accurate enough I guess. I will make belt covers for my first build and see how it goes. Cost isn’t high since I already got the materials lying around.