3D Printed Footstops

Hey there! My name is Shawn, and I have been building longboards for about 3 years now. My specialty has been downhill/freeride type decks and as a result my designs, construction, and products reflect that. You can check us out here!

With the industry changing and being no stranger to the urban sprawl of cities like Los Angeles, Portland, San Fransisco, etc - my background in robotics and my wanderlust both desire a solution in the form of an electric longboard to make my travels more efficient and intimate. I’m excited to see where that project takes me, and am enthusiastic that I can find unique solutions to make my personal build and our future esk8 products truly stand out. IMG_20181024_182446~2 Now that we’ve been introduced, here’s what I’ve come to talk about. Footstops! I was pleased to see a thread talking about footstops where the OP had posted a picture of ours, asking if a footstop was at all worth picking up for their setup. I was super flattered to see my product pop up on it’s own, and I couldn’t be happier that it was here. I just wanted to give you guys a quick run down about them:

IMG_20180922_204445 They come in two sizes (Regular, and Mini) and lots of colors/materials! Our footstops are designed with triangular geometry and a stepped ledged design. The robust shape goes hand in hand with it’s rotational symmetry, giving you a comfortable position almost anywhere you rotate it.


Our mini footstop has an advantage over the regular one I find with people who don’t need too much extra to keep them on their decks, but could benefit from the extra tactile feedback. I currently include my mini footstops with the regular size as a sort of bundle to get the most bang for you buck. I talk a lot about the implication this product has for my company on my blog. I also recently had the honor to have a small interview published to Concrete Wave Mag, and I would appreciate a read or a comment if you have the time. Thanks to everyone for your patience reading this, I appreciate all the feedback and the support that I get! Please check out our decks as well, although I plan on winding down production for the winter slightly, I might be willing to make an exception if I can get enough interest behind one final batch. I hope everyone is enjoying their autumn!

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