3d printed gullwing sidewinder motor mounts

I’ve designed and improved and through much trial and error got good working 3d printed motor mounts for my gullwing sidewinder 2 trucks.

s They get pushed on to the truck and fixed into position with super glue after that the cutout is filled with epoxy and left to cure for 24 hours. We have 3 boards riding them so far with no issues riders 200+ lbs and 6364 motors.


NIce. Do you get much wobble with the gullwings?

are you using PLA? ASB? PETG? Nylon?

I get a little woble at 30 mph. I use pla wich works fine, abs flexes to much and caused belt slipage but I am planing on trying carbon infused nylon to reduce the size and be able to go dual motor per axle instead of diagonal.

PLA? really? ive heard multiple accounts of pla pulleys wearing down extremely fast from belts grinding into them…Nylon would definitely be your best bet although CF nylon tends to be more of a meme than a real upgrade over good nylon blends like alloy 910 from taulman

Pla is the mount the pulley is abs.

Is this mounting fit on evolve supercarve 12inch truck?

PLA mount? really? interesting… i’d be worried about the PLA warping if the motor gets hot, pla has awful temperature resistance

@Shogu12 Would you be willing to share the files for those gullwing sidewinder motor mounts? I’d love to help contribute to making this happen!