3D printed hubs for Psychotiller's tires?

Will these 3D printed hubs: https://grabcad.com/library/longboard-hub-for-6inch-pneumatic-wheels-1 from @Maxid work with @psychotiller SixShooter wheels: https://psychotiller.com/collections/wheels/products/sixshooter-6-x-2-replacement-tires-and-tubes

I’m trying to make a regular wheel / pneumatic swappable setup for my board. I’m going to put these wheels on a regular Caliber II truck. Would that work?

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Probably not, but I’m sure someone can get the right one for you

With a regular Caliber II truck, it will be hard to fit them both on there without getting serious wheel bite.

AFAIK the 6x2 tires from psychotiller are the exact same as for my hubs They also fit Bermeister hubs! regular calibers are too short though - you need TB218s at least in order to not have wheelbite