3d printed motor mounts

So im 3d printing my motor mount tmrw and wanted to know if anyone has any personal experience about the durability of 3d printed mounts. Or even 3d printed components in general. Id be using this mount with my beloved tacon if that makes a difference.

I would’nt try a 3d printed mount if i were you .

The only part i have seen printed 3d is a Wheel gear, even then im not sure how durable they are?

Don’t expect them to hold up.

with 100% in fill and ABS you should have a pretty solid mount. I’ve seen 3d Printed materials used for more demanding tasks.
An example is the gears made from 3d printing are under more stress than a mount would be purely based on the teeth that are used to connect to the spokes of the wheels.

Thought I should add that you should research your materials’ melting temperature though because this will play a factor on a motor mount that will have transferred heat from the motor

If you do it right, it’s possible. Just look at the 3d printed guns… That’s a lot of pressure (and you could see them fail in the earlier days pretty quickly), but they seem to have gotten better designs that can hold up. Try it and lets us know. I’m curious as to how it would work. Just remember, thicker is always better. :slight_smile:

What 3d printer are you using?
I’m thinking of getting an ultimaker for these kinds of reasons. :slight_smile:

i gotta double check its like 4000 tho

I use a 36 tooth wheel hub pulley made from Abs , ive only needed to replace it once the past 3 months as the teeth wear out.

But no I dont recommend 3d printing a motor mount, just make it in aluminium with a drill press, hack saw and files, it would be a lot more durable and less hassle imo.

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You would need a very thick ABS piece to make the mount, printed with 100% infill and you’ll have to be very clever how you line up your patterns for maximum strength.

What if you re-enforce it with carbon fiber or something? I’d imagine the 3d print would make a good core.

that would work, dont know what sort of adhesion you would get from abs and resin

I just printed a clamp for a caliber mount I’m designing and it seems really solid. Its petg.

But I’m still not sure I would trust it for anything more than testing.

Also I’m going to use it with a tiny 50mm motor. Not a beast like the tacoon. That could probably snap a printed mount from sheer torque.

Are you willing to share that .stl file? :wink:

I am going to print a mount or 2 in polycarbonate, should be more than strong enought

im currently working on 100%infill petg mounts. ive had a few brake on me in the intretive design phases. i can say for sure if a mount breaks and its an outboard mount as lon as you using bulit connectors and no sensor with pla and petg the motor just falls away safely. ive had this happen at alomst 20mph. its a mit of a jolt from the motor not pusing you ans having no breaks but should be maintainable. with all of that said my latest design has a tpu bushing between the truck and mount to asorb fome of the vibrations. after about 50mi i have noticed no cracks at all yet.

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i will try to print a montor mount in asa material, i think it’s a good material for this work. I already printed in asa, and it’s cool cause the temperature and the other values are really similar to ABS


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Here’s my motor mount I designed. Run with no idler.

I have done project like this. I was using it for last year, over 800 kilometers with no problem, PLA, 100% infill