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3d printed or molded enclosure?

Hi, I’m thinking of building two separate enclosures inspired by boosted boards design for a loaded vanguard. I have access to a 3d printer but I am not very used to designing 3d models. One other alternative I’ve seen is building a vacuum molder and using 3mm abs plastic to mold the enclosure. What are you guys thoughts on this? Maby a combination of the two?

What 3D printer do you have available? Are you sure that the printbed is big enough for a print that size? also a print that size would be prone to brake and would take for EVER to print :wink: I would definetly say, go with the vacuformer (if possible) it is what most people here have done for enclosures, it gives a good cheap (not factoring in the cost of the vacuformer itself…) and easy changeable product. and a awesome tool for future projects :wink:

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@Krudte Thanks for the reply! Yeah, what you’re saying definitely sounds like the best option. However @Jack had a 3d model that he is kind enough to send to me so I am probably going to try and print a 3d case anyway. If it does not fit my board then ill probably just use it as a mold for the vacuum forming.

I have my enclosures linked on my build thread. The enclosure is for a vanguard which is the board boosted uses. You don’t have to print my enclosure but they are on things verse for free incase you want to edit them to be smoother or round the size is already there.