3d printed wire hold downs - HELP

So I read on a thread somewhere about someone using a 3d printed hold down for the vesc wires an bottom of board…

I can’t find the thread again and can’t remember the members name…

Does anyone have an stl file?

I would like to run the 6 phase and 2 sensor wires flat across into enclosure…hold down would be nice…any help?


I assume you mean what I did here Here ya go…



Yes!!! That’s it…thx!!! Gonna print now

Cool, post a pic when you are done, I’d like to see how it looks.

My printer is dead at the moment. I’ve got so much stuff to print, it sucks to not have one :cry:.

What kind of printer do you have?

I’ve got Anet A8 that I give up on, turning it into a laser engraver/cutter. My other is a maker select V2, but the control station crapped out, had to send in for repairs.

I cut it in half…printing now…happy to print you stuff if needed…thx again

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That would be awesome! I need a switch plate, phase wire guard and x2 plugs/plates. All of them are pretty small.

Are you in the states? I could send you the stl’s and a shipping label when I get into the office tomorrow.

Yep…fort lauderdale

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That would be great. I’ll PM you the info tomorrow. I appreciate it.

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Looks good, thanks for sharing that :grinning: