3d printer X,Y,Z lube

Ok, Have been running my printer and all is good, however making some wired noises when travelling in some directions. I was applying lube cream that came with printer it is like thick lithium cream however was still making these loud noises during accelerations. I had some Bones Speed Cream for bearings and applied a few drops to X,Y,Z axis rods. The printer is now quite and travel smooth. This stuff seems to work well anyone else have experiences and preferred rod/bearing lube?



Did you build this printer yourself? If so check the alignment of all your axis. If they’re not properly squared that could be a potential cause. I’ve only ever had to use a bit of WD-40 on mine.

The printer is a Creality CR-2020 pre-assembled printer. The print quality is excellent… the bones lube is a little thicker than WD-40 however think both provide a better base of lubrication to bushings and bearings versus the thicker grease lubes as the grease seams to push to ends of rods and not enter the bearing/bushings very well. I am not am an expert but just noticed when applied everything was so smoother and noise went away.