3d printers hate me...HELP!

OK, so I bought an Anet A8 (Prusa i3 clone). Tried for 2 weeks, never got a usable print. Eventually something happened with the extruder nozzle, wouldn’t feed, so I ordered another nozzle and put it on a shelf.

I just bought a Monoprice Maker Select v2. I’ve gotten a couple of very small usable prints. Anything I print that uses the rear 1/3 of the bed fails, the filiment just starts getting drug around by the extruder.

I put a torpedo level on the Z axis rail and leveled it better than I leveled the foundation of my freekin house.

I’ve leveled the bed a thousand times. Using a piece of paper, folded in half, set it on all 4 corners and the middle so the extruder just barely touched the paper. It feels like the amount of friction is the same in all 5 spots. I’ve tried it a little higher and a little lower with the same results.

At this point I have to believe that it’s me, that there’s something I am not grasping that is causing these issues. Any help would be appreciated. There’s a nice frosty beer in it too, as long as your of legal age, otherwise I’ll send you some YooHoo :grinning:.

The end all be all solution that works 100% of the time for me is get a glass bed and use kapton tape on he print area. I’ve never had warping since and the print sticks like glue

Have you touched the bed much? Clean the bed with isopropyl alcohol to get rid of oils that can ruin the adhesion. Is the bed heated? What type of bed? Have you tried methods such as glue on it?

I would very much like too, if it works that good. Any suggestions in a specific bed?

Well I use a flash forge creator pro and I use a glass bed from maker bot. And then the kapton tape is a big wide 6 inches sheet that comes in a roll. I can do like 50 prints before I have to replace it.

Any glass bed will work fine there is no difference in the glass

What size bed do you have?

I haven’t touched it much, but I’ll clean it anyways just to make sure. It is a heated bed, it’s the bed that came with it, that’s all I really know. It has a 200x200x200 print area if that helps. I haven’t tried glue. What’s that about, educate me brother :grinning:.

Pic of the printer below…

It has a 200x200x200 print area

Do I just get a bed and replace this one? Is there anything I need to look for other than dimensions? I’m really new to this, as I live in the buty crack of rural America there is NOONE close to me that has any expertise.

A regular glue stick works fine

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What type of plastic filament are you using? This is the most critical thing and is temperature dependent on the hotbed. PLA prints on anything without any problems. ABS and other high temp plastics require a very hot hotbed.

Troxy brand PLA.

As long the hot end is set to around 190 degrees celsius with the fan on it should print fine. The heated bed is not necessary but helps with adhesion of the first layer. I haven’t heard of Troxy brand PLA.

Can you verify heated bed can reach 60 degrees celsius and hotend 190 degrees celsius and are able to feel the heat emanating from both?

The False Economy comes in 10x with 3d printing. You get what you pay for. In both the machine and filament.

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Not the glass bed is just a sheet of glass that goes on top of your existing bed. It’s usually a quarter inch thick.

Try googling your printer name then glass bed after wards you’ll come find it everywhere I’m sure

I can verify that, although the controller is set to heat the bed to 50 degrees Celsius, should I raise it to 60?

Cool, there some glass and window vendors around, might can get one local. Thanks

Just wipe it in the print surface area?

I usually use 60-70 for bed and 210 for my PLA. Prints really well

$210 for PLA filament?