3D printing mountain board hubs

Hi! I’ve tried to print some mountain wheel hubs for my evolve electric skateboard, and they work well and can handle my weight. But i dont have any exact measurements of mountain board hubs, since my evolve board is originally street version.

Also i want to make the pulley for the evolve boards too! I can provide cheap hubs and pulleys for the ones helping me.


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why not just buy a single MBS rockstar hub for 15$ and do your scans off that?

I had that in my mind! But thought to ask someone here first :slight_smile:

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The search button is a great tool… people have already done that and there is a file on this forum. I’m going to encourage you to find it - which should take about 10 seconds.

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Yes, of course i have searched! But i cant seem to find it, thats why im asking. Why not just link it, when it takes 10 seconds?

Sorry dude I have to call BS on this one… I searched 3d printed hub and the thread came up as the first suggestion :unamused:


My brain just farted, sorry! I found the thread also. Since English is not my first language, so i searched with the wrong words… But i found it now, thanks!

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This is the correct thread: (if someone find this thread instead…)