3d printing needed

Can anyone design/print/ship me a simple xt90 holder? I made myself a handle with the female hidden inside of it but I can’t wrap my head around mounting the male side without a print. It’s a pelican case clone and I don’t want to dirty my build with glue or epoxy. I’m in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This build is gonna kill me… financially, emotionally and maybe (hope not), one very tiring day, physically XD

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I can print you one but shipping will be itinerary from the US to Canada.

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@mmaner I’m currently painting my parts XD. That would be great. Do you have an idea what the cheapest shipping would cost me to get it from you?

PM me an address and I’ll get you an exact figure. I can probably get 2 xt90 panel mounts and 2 xt90 key fobs in a 3x3x1 Savage and send it 1st class for Jess than 20 bucks.

I’m in Canada. I can print you whatever you need, at no cost other than shipping, since those are small parts.