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Hello Builders,

Back in August, I introduced myself for the first time being new to the forum. I became interested in this community of Makers out of a desire to learn so that I can enjoy a new adventure with my son whom I purchased a Backfire G2s for his 9th birthday.

I would like to re-introduce myself

My name is Chad and I thought that I would like to update you on new and exciting capabilities that I have added to my 3d Printing services.

I have now added 2 key capabilities that could help in some of your projects and some of the creativity that seems to come from the community.

  • New Printer: Raise3D Pro2 large format 3d printer
    • Build Volume: 12 x 12 x 11.8 in
    • Extremely Precise/High Dimensional Accuracy
    • Fully Enclosed to safely print high strength filaments
    • Dual Extrusion for multi-material or dissolvable supports.
    • Layer Resolution up to 0.01 layer thickness
  • Multi-Color/Multi-Material
    • Up to 5 colors or materials
    • Build Volume: 250x210x210 mm
  • Design and prototyping Services
    • Bring your ideas and we can design them
    • Includes all model files and STL’s for 3d printing.

Below are some of the materials I currently have on hand

  1. PLA & PLA+
  2. ASA – Amazing filament in a MATTE finish
  3. PETG – Glossy and MATTE
  4. ABS
  5. HIPS
  6. Polycarbonate
  7. Flexibles like Ninja Flex
  8. Woodfill

Also, if I do not have the filament you’re looking for just let me know and I could potentially source it for you.

Below are a few pictures that show the printers and some of the prints that I have done. I would also like to thank those of you that have given me the opportunity to work with you in the past.


Right: Raise3D Pro2 Left: Prusa I3 MK3 with Mult-Material - 5 colors


Raise3D printing an encloser we designed for a customer on the ESK8 Builders Forum. Printing in MATTE Black ASA Filament.


Multi-Material print for a construction company that designs intersections. PLA and Wood Filament used. The wood filament is sandable and stainable and there are a few dots here and there but this is an interesting multi-material job. The lines on the road parts there are actual elevations in the road. That is actually how the rain water will flow across the road.

More images added soon.

Please let me know if I can be of some assistance.

Thank you, Chad Gasaway


I can vouch for @Dr.Octogon 's work. He printed me a Firefly remote case in Nylon and it turned out perfect. He is a very nice guy, and wouldn’t settle for a print that wasn’t perfect, incredible commitment! 10/10.


Thanks so much for the kind words BruSkater. I appreciate it.

very smart using a UPS for your printers!

@Dr.Octogon does all our 3D print work and has helped us play around with some designs as well, excellent work and dedication.

one of our enclosure ideas

20190420_210426 20190420_210827 20190420_210435 20190420_210836


Also one of the EVOLVE GTX 3D printed riser

20190420_210804 20190420_210754 IMG_1096 957B2C08-7E44-4F5B-BAA7-08F6AA2FDEC4 IMG_0932


Thanks for sharing Hyperion!

@Dr.Octogon printed my nese modules and i hve no complaints. Everything lines up perfect when assembled. Was very pleased with quality and affordability.


Thanks for the feedback Joker. Glad to hear those NESE modules worked out.