3d printing service, professional and affordable

if you have something you need designed or printed, I’m your man! I’m located in Georgia, USA. Let me know if I can help you!


can you show us some previous work?

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Pics of my current board, and enclosure. http://imgur.com/gallery/eSUyA


What filaments are you working with? Can you use any type?

I currently have both a white PLA filament, and a wood filament; but I can order any filament a client desires


What are your prices like?

I generally charge depending on the complexity, and size of the piece. For a fan vent cover, I’ve charged 10$ in the past, and for a motor mount, I’ve charged 40$ to give you some idea.

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I can vouch for @cj1556, very cool dude, great prices and pretty decent quality prints.

I have a flash forge creator pro now so I won’t be needing his service anymore but he saved my ass in the past


You still providing print services?

Sorry for the late reply but sure, what were you trying to get printed?