3D printing settings

what settings have you used when printing pulley gears with abs?

You need to take it slowly, since the tooth profile is small and going fast can deform it The most important is to adjust jerk and acceleration on the printer itself tô prevene-te vibrations and resonance, 300mm/s^2 and 5mm/s^3 on the X-Y axis

As for print speeds, 40mm/s on the interior wall and 30 on the outer, the rest you can keep as you normally use

One important detail is that as I said the teeth is small, is dificult to print the profile exactly, a little bit of tweaking is needed. First print print the original profile and them wrap the belt around it and see if it fits perfectly with no play but without being tight on each cavity, if not you have to tweak the geometry until it fits

To save material I would recommend printing a small section of the pulley, 6mm is enough, with a large hole in the center, only when you are sure that the profile is a perfect match to the belt touch print the full size

It is also important to increase the number of walls, the default 3 is to low, 5 or more is preferred. Wall extrusion thickness may need to be changed too if on the preview you have empty spaces on the tooth, it depends on the nozzle diameter


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i had the settings at 40mm/s and 3 shells and the file kept getting stuck at the same point on 3 different tries. I was told to try and put it through an “stl fixer”. have you had any experience with that? if not do you know why it may have stopped?

i will be re-printing on tuesday with 5 shells at 20mm/s just to be sure…

Unfortunately no, did you download an already made file? Which slicer are you using?

no its a custom made file on inventor and then i export into the makerbot software and print on the makerbot replicator 2x. im printing at a local diy shop

It gets stuck when slicing or when printing? If you share the STL and the problem is on slicing I can give a try here

it gets stuck when printing. It gets about 7% through and fails

It’s strange but happened to me, never found out why, you can give a try by exporting you file to .step or .igs and opening it in another CAD, most of them will verify drawing integrity and try to repair and them export as STL, maybe inventor is doing something with the STL that is crashing the gcode

yeah i ran it though the online “stl fixer” going to give it a try and if it doesnt work im going to have to take you up on that offer of you running it though your slicer. Thanks

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I’m an avid Inventor user and I know from experience that Inventor struggles with stls, whether it’s importing them or exporting them, I’ve had tons of issues. My recommendation is to;

Re-export the file Download a program from the Autodesk App Store with a slicer in it Make sure you units are correct when you export it

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