3d Printing the clamp ring

Good morning (Morning in Brazil of course), I had some problems with alien but I solved everything. but I still missing a part of the motor mount, the freaking clamp ring, I don’t want to use aluminum and that stuff because I’m tired of using the drill, so I thought about using a 3d printer of doing the clamp ring, 100% infill with Petg, could it be possible?

It may be, but I would only do it out of ABS. Most other filaments are too brittle.

I would actually like to see what kind of results you get and if it will crack or not…

@fottaz has done it, but surely not with petg. You have to use reinforced filaments

Hi! Petg could crack very easily, I tried xtcf 20 colorfabb and Its working so good in dual setup All Terrain…I think ABS could works too if properly designed. I still suggest to use carbon reinforced filaments!

The problem is to find this filament in Brazil, also I’m using a friend’s 3d printer, so I will see if he have Abs filament

Wait, isn’t Petg stronger than Abs?

Every filament type has different qualities, generally ABS is stronger than PETG.

That make me sad, I printed my pulleys in petg

xt cf20 is carbon fiber reinforced petg, wouldnt be reinforced abs better? dunno but very interrested in this. and how is stringing with this xtcf20? cause normal petg does it alot…

It could be good too…I dont know if Will Be that better, here Is how xtcf20 looks on my mounts

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PETG is stronger! however,PETG breaks while ABS bends first and then breaks. thin PETG however is way more flexible then thin abs

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Interesting I haven’t worked with PETG yet at all. Physical strength is way more complex than it sounds on the surface. Just printed (an enclosure) with some Nylon 645… now I realize I probably should have gotten a more rigid nylon didn’t realize how flexy this stuff is, very strong but also very noodly.

PLA jsut wont work for the mounter mount. ABS and PETG need metal reinforcement like a steel rods straight through the printed mount.

i tried quite alot in that direction :slight_smile:

if you want a purely printed mount, you should go with something like nylon (a rigid one). then again, nylon is so expensive, that you are probably better off buying a metal mount directly

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So I designed the Clamp Ring, tried to do like the Alien’s one. I think I’will try PETG, but I’m asking me, why would it brake?

When the motor turns it creates a torque (turning force) on the pulley that force most of that force (ideally) gets transferred through the belt to the other pulley. In the process of that power being transferred the motor mount and clamp needs to stop the motor from just spinning around the axle like it wants to (equal and opposite forces) and needs to deal with the force of the belt under tension on one side and needs to deal with lateral force since the belt is only pulling on one side of it… long story short it needs to be able to deal with a lot of forces and some of them like during initial acceleration can crack it (particularly without FOC there are some jitters for the motor to get itself moving before things smooth out).

With an aluminum mount and clamp on the truck it would still shake on my setup until I drenched the whole part with JBWeld, now nothing moves much at all.

If the plastic you’re using is in any way brittle then it’s going to crack as soon as it wiggles a bit and gets some room to move, also if it’s too brittle it will be hard to tighten onto the truck without cracking it.

So I don’t should try 3d printing??

You can try for sure but just would be cautious about what material you choose with the motor mounting parts. People have done it and can surely be done with thick enough ABS even but just need to take into account the details of the material you’re using. Just search for details from the company that makes the filament, taulman has a lot of information about the Nylons they produce I imagine whoever is making the PETG has specifications on what use cases it’s good for.

The motor mount is made out of Aluminum (APS mount), I’ll try the ABS, will talk to my friend that have the 3d printer

good luck with that. that is pretty much the place where my 3d printed mount constaly broke


but i was using a 2700watt motor. if you use a smaller one, it would probably work to some degree.