3D pulleys files STL

I am looking for 3D files for pulleys for trampa/MBs 8in wheels. 60 and or 72t htd5m

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Gears or pulleys?

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Pulleys. Changed the post

I changed the topic for you aswell

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I made my own 80 tooth htd5 pulley free using

and importing to fusion 360.


How long can works a 3d pulley compared like a normal? Where I work we have a stratasys dimension 1200 sst but it for design only.

Wow nice printer!

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I printed sometimes spares for my evolve, but covers only. It s in abs, I don t know if is good for the pulley

The only issue with abs is warp, even a tiny amount on a pulley at high speed is annoying. Im reprinting mine in petg soon. I didnt understand your other reply?

I mean that the abs material, that we are using with our stratasys, it is pouros inside. So I mean I don t think a 3d pulley, can have a long life

Mine are solid infill. ive done around 400 miles with them and i can still see the individual raised print layers. They will probably do 1000s of miles by the look of them.


And what is that made of?

That is ABS by real filament

Amazing and cool guy!! Yes what material are you using? Good work

See now the material xd. What 3d printer do you have? And what s the resolution?

cr10. Its important to do 100% infill

nozzle 0.4 extrusion with 0.5 retration 3.2 layer height 0.28 solid layers 4 infill 100% first layer height 75% first layer width 140% first layer speed 50% nozzle temp 235c bed temp 90c+ hotter the less chance of warp. fan speed ( i think 0, or 50%) speed only around 10 - 15 mm/s for the outline (outline underspeed) of the teeth 60mm/s every thing else.

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Thanks I will try with mine, I will setting mine like yours

You might want to print just 5mm of teeth only first, to make sure the belt fits the teeth properly. If it does not re-calibrate your printer until its right. Otherwise you will waste alot of filament :slight_smile:

Yes I know, some time we lanch a test part, before printing the final geometry :wink: