3D Servisas time frame

Hey everyone.

I just made an order for a heat sink plate from 3D Servisas and naturally I’m already excited about receiving it!

Anyone know the usual ETD?

Took a little over a week when I ordered mine

Just had an email to say mines on its way! Or atleast they’ve “sent” it at their end.

Also, if anyone here works for them/knows the site owner - you have a security token or store certificate that’s out of date. The only way I could get onto the website was using phone data. Virginia media in the UK rejects the access to the HTTPS server.

@Kug3lis should be aware of this?

Hey, it should arrive to UK within the week (5 work days) at least that’s how fast I am getting myself stuff from Lithunania.

Regarding certificate double check your side, we use Shopify which is service so I don’t think their SSL would expire…

If you mean timeframe in general, I placed an order for a gear drive a few weeks ago. Got the tracking number after a day or two if I recall.

Shipping took forever due to the postal service I believe. It apparently sat in the exchange office for a week which I don’t understand why but its now on the way to me. Its international shipping for me btw