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Hey @kug3lis I was just wondering your FATBOY TB 218 is on sale for 499 right now but when you go to purchase it says 540 just wondering what is going on with that? is there a sale on it or should be wait till your B/F SALE of 10% which seems to be the right price as your sale price as of now just curious to wait or to buy now and by pass the madness

499 is for 2.9" (Chinese 6" tire) wheel hubs not standard one :slight_smile:

Aaahh I see now. Thank you. So I’m better off waiting for the for b/f sale to get the 10% off

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Welp I fucked up gear drive discount code and it worked since 15… So somebody is lucky from Georgia :smiley:


You made a mistake? Surely no!

Ps. 9” wheels, is anything happening? Ah ok kinda available, kinda interested but let’s get through black fri

Welp 5 people are already riding them several are ordering now :smiley: I don’t know where you there but train is leaving :smiley:

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I’m on it at the end of the month !!!

Need to find 6364/74 motors low kv and to wait until friday :yum:

After that I guess I could gently wait next month :smile:


Taking it to PM Mr Kugs

Hey kug3lis i have a doubt, the Fatboy antispark switch has auto power off or only push to start? It needs yes or yes switch?

It has push to start and no auto power off :slight_smile:

It can turn on via start to push or button and turns off via only button hold for a few seconds :slight_smile:

Thanks :sob::sob::sob:!!

P.S. Everything what is in stock will be shipped instantly everything else sold will be made and shipped within a month. So first bought will get first I will write everyone message to email after order if they get into waiting queue for parts.

Discount codes:

Gear Drives 10%: BLACKFRIDAY_GD


Group Buy, Pre-Orders, Wheel hubs products are excluded from discounts.