3M velcro is very stong

I hit big hole while 20mph. and my bettery holder is ripped off. But while 3M velcro holding really tight, the bettery didn’t. it also bent the battery a little bit. Holy Crap

Ouch, should’ve duct taped all around :wink:

Yep I use that stuff for everything. It’s called dual lock velcro and it’s great.


do NOT buy the kind with a straight (not wavy) pattern as that shit doesn’t hold for anything.

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yeah i shouldve… I put a plastic plate on other side just in case. but didnt expect this haha

Would it be strong enough to hold entire electric longboard tho? I’m looking for a solution to attach my longboard to backpack for carrying. I know there’s a backpack with velcro on it already for carrying longboards, but it has kind of low weight limit.

You should check out the hunting packs that hold rifles. You could have two straps (which some packs already have) across body of backpack. You could then add an adjustable strap that hangs down towards your ass with a pouch that the end of your longboard fits in. When you aren’t using it. You would put the dangling pouch into your bag.

i think weight limit was 15kg

@karosass1 “DA Kine” Back packs. Mine has to straps with adjustable clips. Ive toted skate & snow boards with it since 1997 and havent had any issues.