3S to 6S Charging Diagram DIY Harness

I tried to build a 3s to 6s charging adapter to balance charge my 2 batteries in series. Does the way I’ve made it look correct? I’m mostly concerned with the middle (RED) wire that I cut on the bottom 3s connector, is that the same thing as cutting the last black wire on the top one? Any help is appreciated.

Your main leads are backwards, you have 2 positive on one battery and 2 negative in the other.

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@mmaner @Namasaki Thanks yall. Ok so the reason why I decided to diy this was because I only had 3S balance extension and a 6S balance extension, so I had 8 total wires that needed to be connect to the 6S extention that only had 7 spots. So you can see I cut the plastic plug…Here’s an image, how can I make this right?

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Oh shit, I drew that wrong. The actual battery packs are connected properly, it’s just the charging of the balance leads I’m wondering about.

Use a multimeter to.measure the voltage on each lead. They will go from.low to high.

is it possible you could post a similar diagram, except with connecting 4 2s lipo batteries in series to make a 8s battery?