3x Turnigy 6.6ah LiPo cells for sale

Hi squad


Edit: I didn’t realize how vague and sketch this appeared to be, I don’t have a phone or camera to take pics of the battery or the reading on the charger until sometime next week when my replacement phone arrives .

So I found out yesterday that one of the cells in my battery is a dud, and because I bought them back in April, and it looks like Hobbyking isn’t able to do anything for me, so I want to give everyone the chance to buy my pack and maybe reuse the cells for another project.

I’ll separate with them for $15 plus shipping from Los Angeles. 3 working cells, 1 dud. They’re still in the hard case they came in.

Let me know!

what voltage?
what c rating? turnigy what? multistar? nano-tech? graphine?
3 batteries or just one?

Dude can’t even post adequate information about the sht he’s selling. lmao

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I would buy them, but you are selling me shit in a box right now. You gave NO information, and I am apprehensive about a hardcase lipo. I assume you have a 4s battery that is now a 3s batter if I wire it correctly. That is completely fine If you give us videos of a multi meter test of each of the cells. Right now I think this is a crap shoot dealing business here

This is the battery, I don’t have a phone/camera to take pics yet, but as soon as I can I’ll post pics of the battery and the reading on my accucell


I totally meant to provide a t least a link since I don’t have a working phone or camera till next week.


This is the battery, I’ll send pics as soon as I can borrow a camera at home, possibly tonight

Are located in russia? Cause I dont have a problem soldering a few wires and having a 3s lipo, but the shipping and distance is large, You want to sell a $70 battery that is now worth ~$40 for $15? Seems fishy.

I’m in Los Angeles. They’re not available in the US warehouses at the moment, this is the first link to come up in hobbyking. This item holds $0 value to me in this state, I don’t have the know how or time to learn how to fix it or salvage it down to a 2s to run 10s with my other 2 identical batteries, nor do I know anybody who does. I’m pretty bummed because I paid 197 for all 3 4s batteries just to have one crap the bed after the first ride.

is it $15 dollars shipped? Can I see a voltage measurement? Give me $15 and I’ll send It back to you as a 3S lol. I just want to know what I am getting,

hey sorry for the late response, both my phone and computer have crapped the bed after 5 years, I was just finally able to resurrect an old iPod to use! Do you have experience with battery modification? Making this into a 3s for me would be incredibly kind, I’m gonna take some pictures now

Wow that is 120C. Scary expensive. Yeah, I dont need a battery like that but I might be able to solder it into a 3S. I’m really busy right now, but i will get back to you.

Hey I am from Los Angeles as well can I pick these up locally?