4 Lipos in series (Is this right?)

So I’m planning on buying another 2 3s lipo packs to add on to the 2 I already (for a total of 12s) but I’m just trying to figure out how I would wire these in series and more specifically what connectors I would need to do this. Also, what would be the best solution for charging these 4 batteries? I have the Imax b6. Any help is much appreciated! (EDIT) would this schematic be correct?:


Here’s a possible solution assuming you have XT60 headers. You’ll need two of these. However, since they come with 2 female and 1 male head, you’ll have to get an extra XT60 female head to replace one of the connectors to have all female heads.

Once you cut the cable as shown, the cable won’t magically turn red, I’ve just labeled as such for ease of reading, but you might want to replace the cable altogether since it’ll be pretty short once you cut it, and it’ll make it clearer if you replace it with a red cable.

I think I made the diagram right…

Would it not be something like this?


That is how I would do it @Trademarc

Ok, I just spent like 30 minutes nerdin out to make that hahaha @lox897

@Trademarc your diagram looks good to go.

@Jinra i dont even know what you’re doing there other than making something simple complicated.

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Definitely should have the prettiest diagram contest

What kind of cables and parts would you buy to make that? I’m looking to do something similar myself

Those are 3S lipos right ? I also run 4x3s in series and i charge them in series, in two pairs (6s).

You might want to look into how the search feature on this forum works.

I really appreciate your help, but not really the sarcasm.

I’m doing my best to learn from threads on the forum but most build logs skip the smaller details of connecting everything up, which I obviously don’t want to mess up! There aren’t simple guides walking through everything (i’ve found similar for DIY L-Ion packs). I appreciate it may be easy for those who have been doing this for a while or have an electrical background, but not for some of us new to the hobby. Doing my best to get up to speed!

I was trying to make a solution with parts I can find off hobby king. trademarcs design is the same idea, but I didn’t see a series connector for four lipos, though I didn’t look much

so using @Trademarc’s diagram, how would you change the wiring for dual vescs?

also @Jinra I found these. Question: Can I use these to series then parallel? www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/_47584__XT60_Harness_with_2_Male_and_6_Female_Connectors_12AWG_Wire_1pc.html?strSearch=xt60 connector

just put it in parallel