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4 Motors on a skateboard?

is it possible to have 4 ESC’s and 4 motors and have a four wheel drive skateboard? Just wondering. ( not planning to. )

Of course it`s possible!
But heavy and pricy…
I would like to see one to.

Overkill, expensive. Typically, 4WD will be found on a mountain board but not on an Electric Longboard.

The ngv board. 4 hub motors. It’s overkill. U can get good efficiently with a pulley and belt with one motor. I can good efficiency with two hub motors. 4 hub motors…unless ur doing mountains it’s more inefficient than 2

Torque beat me to it

Weight will be a problem. If you want to = be cool, do 2 rear hub motors and one SK3 149kv for kill climbing.