4 Wheel Drive Set up

Does anyone have photos or a diagram of their 4 wheel drive electronics… It seems like the best type of setup, I don’t get why everyone doesn’t use it!

Because it is freakin expensive?

I think I’ll understand why once someone gives me a diagram or photo.

[quote=“Stefan, post:2, topic:14025, full:true”] Because it is freakin expensive? [/quote] Exactly. You need 4 motor controllers, and 4 motors (and 4 of a lot more things if you aren’t doing hubs).

@evoheyax was the first around here to get this done, as far as I know, and I’ve finished mine now. I love it. I’ll do a build log soon, but I can send you a picture of my setup, in the meantime.

I blew a DRV on a VESC so I’m technically a 3WD right now :sweat:. The torque is great, the handling is nice, the redundancy of components has kept me from ever walking home. When I can come up with some reliable Vesc$, I’ll be a happy camper.

Do you have photos?

I didn’t mention this, before, but space is an issue :expressionless:


Maybe a diagram would work better

WHO HAS A DIAGRAM!!! I really need one before I buy my build…

Do a bit of reading on here and it shouldn’t be too complicated to work it out! It’s like dual duals :wink:

Yes, no diagrams; you’ve got some serious reading to do, but it’s just battery to controller, to motor X 4. You can link them up with CAN or Servo splitter. Go searching for my old post where I almost sold all of my parts. That will give you some idea of what you might be in for, in regards to parts. There will be misc. cabling components and tools, and an enclosure to consider.

The real mysteries don’t come until you get into VESC settings. Word of advice: believe what you read in regards to quality of components. Spend bigger, or spend again.

introducing: The Qu4tro

I just need a diagram, dude I have read a ton! This is what I know: You need 4 VESCs for each motor, and there is a ton of necessary power… This would use the CANBUS basically just put them all in parallel with different address for each. You can power all 4 ESC from the same set of batteries.

You might have a hard time getting a diagram… Anyone who has built a 4wd knows enough to not really need one.

So basically you need to learn enough to the point where you don’t need one! Keep reading!

I like the idea of a 4wd hub system, however here are the disadvantages I see on the setup:

-increased drag You have 4 hub motors that now create drag so more rolling resistance which reduces efficiency. -lower range due to increased drag and also the need to drive 3 more motors, your range will be dropped significantly. -weight You now have 4 motors vs 2 or even one, so weight goes up.

@wolffoxx 4wd board looks great, saw the pre-build pics and it has fun fun fun written all over it. Would love to see some finished pics as well as some specs, such as his battery capacity and range he’s getting out of it. Also curious about the acceleration and top speed.

Is this right…? Where do you put the reciever…?

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@wiztecy Thanks, I’m going to make a log soon. I’m still testing it. I finished it right when it got cold, here, and then I blew a bargain VESC, so I’m on 3WD - maybe soon to be 2. :unamused: . I’m going to have to replace them with the Chaka vescs, I think.

As to the disadvantages that you listed, you’re on point about the weight; that goes up whatever the weight of two hubs is, over what two 83mm skate wheels would have been. The extra VESCS don’t weigh enough to factor, and my battery is just the same 10s3P you might use on any mono or dual. My particular board is a featherweight, from hi5ber.

Increased drag? Sure, more drag than a basic longboard, but less drag than probably any satellite setup. I kicked around on this thing while I waited for the parts, this summer. No problems. You forget it’s electric until you try to kickstand it.

Range is an unknown. I keep doing unscientific hill tests and joy rides and haven’t looked at any telemetry so far. I hope at 155lbs and for the casual commuting, i built it for, I can get close to 20 miles, but I could be disappointed, I guess. I’ll report back in my eventual build log

The torque is very very impressive, and of course having 4 braking motors is better than one or 2. The board goes faster than I am comfortable with, and it goes there quickly. That’s in FOC with a 10s and conservative settings. I built this as a commuter, and I’m not much of a scientist, so I may not ever yield much insight on the upper limits of 4WD hub sk8s.

Essentially, I’m a big proponent of the 4wd hub setup. I think that’s the way this is all going to go, as components hopefully get cheaper, lighter and more efficient.

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Ok, you met me half way with the art :sunglasses: Mine is currently on a 4 way PPM split, from the receiver, so the picture I sent earlier isn’t the exact same as this illustration. Also you may have trouble getting your 4 way battery to split that conveniently, unless you’re building something custom. Basically you’ve got the layout, though!

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But battery’s don’t have 2 output areas I also couldn’t find what a 4WD CANBUS harness is

I know they don’t, typically, but that’s what you drew, I thought. You need to buy or splice up a y cable and then hook it to two more y cables (or xt90 adapters, check diyboards).

Same with the canbus harness. Either splice one yourself or request a custom from Ollin. I had one, but I mutilated it…

Can you send a photo of your wiring where it splits into the 4 parts… or a photo of your electronics spread out…