$40 80A 6S hobbyking ESC

So although the store page for [this ESC] (http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/_17234__Hobby_King_80A_Sensored_Sensorless_Car_ESC_1_8_1_5.html) says a max of 4s, according to this teardown it looks like it can handle 6s. I might have to pick it up and do some stress testing on it :slight_smile:

That was a good write up. I say, “do it”. See what happens. For science. I still have one of the 150A HK ESC in a board. Still going strong!

That ESC might be perfect for my 4WD build! Now I just need to find some cheap as motors… :smiley:

i wouldn’t bother on 6s…there must be some reason it’s not rated at high

I have used a lot of those in the 150A version. They are pretty good. But i would be cautious about using 80A version. I just dont think it will handle the current.

Could anyone please tell me if I can use this instead of a VESC?

Thank you!!

no. use the x-car 150A car ESC if you want one from hobby king.

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