40" Deck Thats Cool Needed EU

So I pretty much ruined my 9to5, which I really like, looking for a good deck to electrify, if you have some used or new and want to get rid of it send me some pics!

Located in Croatia :slight_smile:

I’m sure you have seen this allready, but dropping ut here anyway.

I have considered that

Do you have any longboard shops in Croatia?

I’m also looking for a deck for my next build, I’d like a small deck with kicktail with a 20" wheelbase minimum, lightest as possible.

There are a few skateshops but all of them are a bit pricey and have a very small offer of products

Jet potatoe(spud with a kicktail and only 33”) I think has 20” wb

That seems kinda short to me I have 10s4p 2x focboxes and a big bms… It seems that all of that wont fit

Doubt you’ll fit that in a board with 20” wb

He said 20" min, not Max. He could try a jet potato 33"

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I have a 38 inch arbor james kelly used Interested ?

Seems cool, how much do you want for it and whete you are located

It’s not in the best of the best condition so my offer is 70 + shipping The deck was bought 200 eur I will post pics soon this is the build


I have some old decks you can have, if you pay shipping :slight_smile:

Please send some pics!

It bought them second hand, they are from decathlon … :wink:

I repainted them and put some varnisch on them

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My deck might be ruined lol love get that black and white peace sign board from you are you in Europe

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https://www.sickboards.nl/en/longboards/5430-never-summer-soldier-tm-deck-only.html Epic deck thats on sale!! I’m in the us though and shipping costs like 40 bucks

Yes, I’m from Belgium

Looks nice, although i spend my months money on stuff already so that’s a bit too much for me :smiley: