40kmph/25mph | 20km/12.4miles | 2200W 270kv | 6S 8000mAh

Hey guys! It’s been a long journey but I’ve finally made a video explaining every part of my board. I’ll be answering any questions anyone has as well!

Product links: www.goo.gl/cII0gb Video: https://youtu.be/aagu4InJL7A

Much much more content of this board: www.instagram.com/electric_lboard

… Specs: Top Speed: 40kmph / 25mph Range (not at top speed): 20km / 12.4 miles 2200W 270kv sensored AlienPowerSystem motor 6S 8000mAh LiPo batteries 120A 6S X-Car Beast Series ESC AlienPowerSystem remote …

Many more images like this available on my instagram linked above!


kudos for design! Looks like decent electricity box u got there attached to your eboard :wink:

Really good video. I would recommend it to any beginner. 40km/h with 6S, you must be pretty light :wink: Since my E-Go let me down once more, I think I will keep the board and change the electrical components along a similar setting as yours.

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Sticker was put on by the friend who built me the box but I stuck with it. Think it’s a funny addition :stuck_out_tongue: Thinking of making a new box though. It’d be even slimmer, would give the batteries better protection and would clean up wiring even more (especially inside the box)

I was thinking “hmm, how nice, a marine themed house with all those port holes”, but after a minute or two, realized that I was looking at a boat!

Interesting way of living, something different. Is the boat functional as in operable or just a floating home?

The 90mm wheels definitely help reach that speed. I feel sensored mode might play a role too but unsure on that. I’ve heard from several people that the E-Go is a let down. Let me know if I can help out with any questions you have on the components I’ve used!

Wish I’d live there but I don’t :stuck_out_tongue: I live in Amsterdam where houseboats are very common. They just sit in the same spot and people live in them

I’m not sure how sensored mode would help you go faster? More for smoother start up, but I have read in places that it is best to disable sensored after about 10 to 15km/h.

Yeah! Nice build! I like the sticker also maybe I look for one too! :stuck_out_tongue: Btw that’s the vondalpark?! Maybe we can do a ride together, I’m in Ams.

Yes sensored mainly affects startup but since it feels like a smoother ride overall I can imagine that maybe at the very high end it’s able to be just a tiny bit more efficient and push you just that little bit faster, but that difference should be minimal (if any). Switching to sensored was heaven though!!

I’ll be living in Amsterdam for at least another 2 years :sunglasses: Vondel is my go-to usually. Nice place to ride around and then chill out somewhere. Would very much be up for a ride! Do you have an eboard or regular?

Oh really cool!! That’s something I was starting to miss! I have a dual set up already finish and running, well just now some polishing and upgrading. Also I have couple regular ones, but the spannend is I’m waiting for the raptor2!!

Wow man I’d love to try some other boards and ride with someone else. That’s something I haven’t been able to do yet. Also craving to test out dual motors! Message me on instagram. We could arrange something :slight_smile:

Top! I don’t have insta but I will pm you

Just had a look at the price of the components: incredibly cheap as well! (even if the initial fuck-ups are not listed …:joy:)

Probs spent a good 1000 on the board at this point man :joy: Total comes to about 550ish euros which is an amazing price actually! With a new budget I could build this board much cheaper and way better looking. A friend is paying me to build a board for him. It’s going to be a beast! Keep your eyes open for that one :wink: