45 degree mtb truck riser

Hi everyone, there is a guy who’s in the shanghai esk8 scene who I’m friends with that has a hand in the esk8 parts industry, and when I asked him about the unik risers, told me that he made some for his MBs trucks for about 300 rmb per set, which is about 50 usd. I will be meeting up with him soon and if anyone is interested I might be able to get some on hand although shipping is something I am really inexperienced at. What do you all think?image This is the one he made although he won’t be able to do any surface treatment if any of you guys are interested.


image Here’s another picture

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What angle is that? Looks a bit on extreme side

45 degrees

50 USD?! Whaaaaaaaaaaat

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Thats for 2 pieces, i believe.

Not super cheap but in general, motor mounts, for example, aint cheap also


I spent a lot of time finding cheap angled risers but only unik was selling and that was like a few hundred bucks for a set I believe.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a sweet deal!


Yeh sorry it looked like price seems too high for u …

Well didnt know myself they can go for over 100usd… a bit crazy but i guess thats how much custom cnc ordered part costs

just throwing this out there for those w/ 3d printers, for around 5$-10$ and some print time u can have a similar wedge

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Is 45 degree the recommended angle for MBS trucks? I would be interested, provided shipping is not too expensive.

Hi have you tested riding with this? I don’t have experience with printed parts and I am concerned with durability.

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personally, no… but i have 3d printed PETG rims i printed and they are pretty stable even at 30mph

if i had the trucks to use to test it i would have no problems printing and testing haha

I doubt 3d print would last long this requires alot more structural integrity than a normal spacer that is sandwiched between and truck and the deck.


i have 3d printed spacers that have lasted a while now (few months) but they arent angled like this

:sweat_smile: I also don’t have the trucks, but mainly because I could not afford a whole MTB set up and the risers were too expensive until now.

Yeah spacer would do fine but this one is different this requires the truck to be mounted to the spacer and the spacer is mounted to the deck so the only physical connection between the two will be the 3d part with no other supports.

Would you think that if I were to mill the risers out of a block at plastic (not sure which kind would be suitable) it would be strong enough?

i just read ur name… is that from moana >_>

and I just havent gotten around to buying them haha, I am working on a build but im saving up rn to buy a CNC mill to make my own parts haha. Also waiting for someone in this forum to release their ESC so i can build my beast of a MTB

POM milled should

thats what we make our “plastic” gears and rims with (typically)

as for printing this riser I personally would use nylon glass fillament

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