45 degree mtb truck riser

I dunno plastic may work fine but I’m a heavy guy I wouldn’t try it unless it was metal lol

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and @Battosaii i’m 6ft and 215lbs (naked), with gear and a pack im roughly around 230 (rounded up) so yea, my rims have held nicely going on 40-ish miles now however im working on a new design and they are going to be amazing

but for this angled riser i do plan to print and test it, keep in mind i will be orienting it where its printed for the load to be against the print lines rather than with the print lines so the object is stronger and wont delaminate or break easily

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I’m not worried about the rims I’m worried about the riser. I’m 300lbs 6’6" lol


lol this is why i am buying a mill xD


How much would shipping those to the us cost?

Why such a large angle? Channel trucks are usually run at a 30-35° angle.

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35° would be great

Hi everyone, I will update the details of the availability, price, angle, mounting holes of this riser after I meet up with my Friend in a few days and talk to him about it. I will also have to check if shipping it myself will be feasible. Thanks!

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Tamatoa, @Battosaii I’m still riding with the original set I printed, never yet had any problems with them. If you decide to go the printing route just make sure you orientate them on their side for maximum strength.

On a typical MTB deck there is a lot of flex so you probably get plus 5 deg with the flex when you carve hard. So on a stiff wood deck you could go a bit more than 30.

Also the added stiffness gives your more natural stability. I didn’t try it but I think 40-45 could work, so long as the deck is not too short.

any update on this project? i would be very interested.

Hi, I’m getting my friend to make one right now for another friend of mine,!and for just one set the price would be about 170 usd, but price drops all the way to 80 usd for 10 sets. But after realizing fulfillment from China as a solo guy would be too troublesome and not worth it, so unless someone orders 10 and distributes it themselves I don’t think it’s viable for me to do this,