$45 Shipped, from NYC Nano-X

Haha lol good night man

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Hi scepterr

I will take two if you still have them.

I’ll take one, do you do PayPal

1 LEFT Ship today if you pay in the next hour or so

i’ll take one if you have any more

Ok for now all are sold or reserved, if anybody backs out I’ll update.

2 more became available Grab it while you can :yum:

@saul i would also really appreciate the file for that mod. :grinning:

You know if there’s a file for the whole remote casing? To convert a nanox

@saul @JohnnyMeduse

I would take one, any still available?

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How do I pay if still available

Pmed 10cha

I don’t think so.

All gone again, for now :yum:

nanox to nano2? or the other way? lol i might make a case… but i have no reason to… well see…

still havent’ even looked for the mod file… :sleeping:

Nanox to nano2

Alrighty, all gone and shipped. Thanks all

If you paid G&s tracking is in your PayPal, if you paid f&f I pmed you tracking. Enjoy :yum:

^ Dec '17…



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