($450CAD) ($350USD) Selling my board because I'm going back to school!

Hey guys, as much as it pains me to say this i need to sell my board. I’ve never even ridden the thing but I almost had all of the components to make it work. I’ll try to sell everything as one piece but will part things out if i can’t make that happen. I live in Ontario, Canada so preference will be given to those that are closest to me so shipping isn’t crazy. The components are as follows and prices are in CAD, the total price I want to get from it is $450 CAD but the individual parts come out to $480CAD. I’ll pay for shipping if the board is sold together:

-Bearings, fly wheels-83a ($50) ($39 USD) (Clones)

  • Longboard deck ($90) ($70 USD)
  • Caliber longboard trucks ($65) ($50 USD)
  • 15mm wide drive pulley kit ($45) ($35 USD)
  • Single Bolt On Motor Mount ($75) ($58 USD)
  • Jlabs - 190kv motor ($120) ($93 USD)
  • Mini remote controller and receiver ($35) ($27 USD)

The only main parts I am missing are the battery and esc.

Is the pulley kit from johnny_261? Is the wheel pulley 40 tooth? What size are the wheels? Looks like 83 when I zoom. Are the trucks 44° or 50°?

Thanks. Hope you sell it in one shot though. It’s a great deal.

:canada: Happy Canada Day :canada:


you are right on all accounts, johnny pully 36t, 83a wheels and trucks are 50 degree i believe

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FINISH IT ! So close bud - don’t die wondering - die at warp speed on your supercharged timber plank !


Nick, where exactly are you located? I am in the GTA and am interested.

I’m in Waterloo specifically but i can travel a bit if needed, i have a car.

Just to update, i have a buyer for everything except for the deck. it’s a 40" bamboo deck with a maple core and clear grip tape. Selling it for $80 CAD or $62 USD!