$457 Build | 24" Beercan Boards Micro Brewster | Graupner 12S 80 Amp ESC |Turnigy SK3 192kv



I originally had it with a VESC and a 3 * 4S Lipos, but when I switched to the 80 Amp Graupner ESC, I cut back to 2 * 4S Lipos.


What’s it ride like? How’s the brakes and throttle curve on that ecs?

With the 12S it was a bit overpowered for such a small board. I kicked the trucks all the way to the ends, so I have fairly long wheelbase about 19", it is stable. The Graupner ESC is really nice. The brakes and throttle are very smooth, I bought the programming box to tune it, but the defaults work very well for me. All I did was set it to “car”. The ESC can be set for airplane, boat, helicopter or car.


The brakes are proportional, you can set them from 0-100%, the throttle is super smooth, I have owned five Vescs and I prefer the graupner.

I’ve been looking for my first build within a budget like this. Thanks for posting.