480Wh battery build

Hey guys!

I’m making a battery pack of 10pc 13Ah lipos (10s), and I’m looking for some opinions. Do you guys think this is a good size for an about 20km commute? It can do 65A continuesly, and I’m using an sk3 motor, that can take that current at 10s. I have a full carbon 1m long board, that I made, with costum batterybox. Any feedback is welcome!

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Yes, this setup will Get you far over 20 km. I would bet something like 35-40 km

Thanks! I have already tried it once, I just completed the build last week, but I didn’t have time to use it for a longer time yet.

Nice batt pack. What sort of cells are these? Final pack looks very flat / slim :slight_smile:

If following general rule of thumb, then 13ah - 10% = 11.7ah ‘usable’ capacity.

Then that times 37v = 432,9 wh… then that might even get you a whopping 43km… (10wh / 1 km)

well a bit less, if u want to preserve battery more (max 80% capacity of pack discharged, instead of 90%)

U can use http://calc.esk8.today for other data

Very nice build and very interesting. Are those Lipo packs 1s1p or multiple P? Also if you could, please post a link for them.

@Namasaki looks like this cell in terms of brand and specs. Not a bad form factor either. https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32810703096.html

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it’s all 1s, one box is one cell, it is the one @MysticalDork posted.