£487.13 first esk8 build (the test platform) colour schemes inspired by the back to the future hover board. crazy flexible deck

hello everyone! im brand new to the world of electric skateboards, i come from FPV drone racing/ freestyle and there it a lot of crossover from that hobby to this one electronics wise, so i thought i would have a go at building an electric skateboard. really enjoyed the build and learnt a lot! not quite finished as im still waiting for the belt and small pulley to arrive. really pleased with how cheaply i managed to build this setup. was expecting to spent a fair bit more to have a working board. below is what i spent.

£168.22 electronics eg, motor and wiring £138.99 vesc
£25.20 board £49.99 wheels £7 + £20.90 pulleys £24.88 tx/rx £5.95 Grip tape £46 Trucks

£487.13 total

once i know how far one set of lipos will take me. i plan to make multiple battery cases that i can swap when im out on the board. as the ultimate goal is to eventually build a board for long distance so im going to be using this as like a test platform (hence the name) to get some data and make modifications to, to eventually help me build the long diffidence setup i have been thinking about since i started this project. i like making things when i have some sort of long term goal for the project to push towards.

here is some photos showing what i have done so far.

IMG_20190130_180900 IMG_20190130_180713 IMG_20190118_164016 IMG_20190130_180627 IMG_20190118_164038 IMG_20190130_180722 IMG_20190118_170220 IMG_20190118_170226 IMG_20190118_170157 IMG_20190118_170211 IMG_20190118_170132 IMG_20190119_095508 IMG_20190119_095342 IMG_20190118_164027 IMG_20190120_155952 IMG_20190119_113538 IMG_20190119_113521 IMG_20190120_201136 IMG_20190125_174512 IMG_20190120_160006 IMG_20190125_223203 IMG_20190120_160114 IMG_20190125_223604 IMG_20190126_152951 IMG_20190126_151233 IMG_20190118_170244 IMG_20190127_122940 IMG_20190127_153042 IMG_20190126_214239 IMG_20190126_164406 IMG_20190126_214232 IMG_20190127_155809 IMG_20190128_113225 IMG_20190127_155705 IMG_20190128_145122 IMG_20190128_162014 IMG_20190128_113242 IMG_20190128_113149 IMG_20190128_160541 IMG_20190128_162031 IMG_20190128_162024 IMG_20190129_144052 IMG_20190128_221122 IMG_20190129_152944 IMG_20190128_221119 IMG_20190128_123956 IMG_20190128_221059 IMG_20190129_153635 IMG_20190129_152930 IMG_20190129_163722 IMG_20190129_200918 IMG_20190129_153846 IMG_20190129_164651 IMG_20190130_111312 IMG_20190129_164643 IMG_20190130_111251 IMG_20190130_180535 IMG_20190130_180610 IMG_20190130_180519

really sorry the photos all uploaded in the wrong order!? but you get the gist


I like your build! especially love the color choice of your trucks

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thanks man, kind of you to say :slight_smile:

Wow clean 1st build , my favourites are that orange motor and your grip tape

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glad you like it, know its not to everyone’s taste but i build my drones in garish colours too so wanted this reflect that. but so far it seems to be getting a better response than i expected, which is always nice

Nice first build mate

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For that price this will be more than sufficient! Well done bro and awesome colour scheme i like it. Just a tip, id get to designing a box for a small 10s setup as you’ll get sick of 6s very soon :joy::joy:

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Very nice bro very nice

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Absolutely awesome! I love the attention to detail! You almost never see that on someone’s first build! I remember I was wayyy to busy just trying to make it work to ever care what my first build looked like.

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thank you. glad my colour scheme is going down so well. its currently a 10s setup. with 2 5s wired together. i will go to 12s if i get fed up though in the future.

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love that you think i have made a good job of my first build. like i said really enjoyed building it and haven’t finished with it yet. will post up as i make more modifications.

oh righto my bad! thought they were 3s my mistake

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i have been ripping around for a week or so. and LOVING IT! noticed the board was very unstable at high speed so added so harder bushes. much much better now. board is doing 18mph with room for more as my VESC settings are very consecutive. it also has absolutely no problem getting up even the steepest hill. even from a standing start. very happy chap. here is some photos of it out in the wild. and my voltages after returning from a 10 mile trip! i still had battery left! couldn’t believe it! im currently running a 16 48 tooth setup i have an 18 tooth front pulley i could try. who knows how fast it could go then :slight_smile: also just drilled the deck and countersunk stainless bolts into it so secure the enclosures now that its basically finished. also added neoprene around the top edges of the enclosures to replace the Velcro i was using to make them vertically 100% waterproof.

next job, build a better remote control with some telemetry

IMG_20190210_161917 IMG_20190210_161955 IMG_20190210_162002 IMG_20190210_162019 IMG_20190210_174143 IMG_20190210_174205 IMG_20190212_182635 IMG_20190212_183651



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