48T HTD3 Abec 11 Flywheel Pulleys to adapt to a Benchwheel Board

I wanted to either buy from someone, or have someone that can adapt existing Abec 11 90mm flywheel pulley 3D files to a pulley for the Benchwheel board which uses a 48T HTD3 pulley if I’m not mistaken. Anyone?

I don’t know of any models for HTD3 3mm pitch pulleys, but if you find anything let me know. I am looking to rebuild my kids board.

@mmaner I only know these… perhaps if you are good with metal work, you can make them fit… just bore the screws right… so that they are centered and there is no wobble :slight_smile:

There’s also available htd 5 pulleys and different widht / bore pulleys for anything you can find on this seller’s shop… belts included

AI’ve been looking around and could not find anything, so I feel that I’ll have to find someone that can take two cad files and adapt them… I’ll then print the pulleys so that the flywheels can be used on the benchwheel board. It’s the only way I see it working… the alternative is to redo the drivetrain and I wanted to avoid that if possible… :slight_smile: If anyone has a different idea, I’m all ears!!

Were you able to find a solution to this?

I’m looking for a similar pullet with HTD3 / 60 teeth for Boosted Board 2.

Not yet, sadly. But my board’s batteries seem tiver have died… they won’t take charge. I’m trying to get a refund from Amazon and then look for another option!