48v 10.5 Ah Used Panasosnic Sanyo 500w DIY, Ebike Part w/o charger

I just encourage everyone to protect themselves and pay with buyers protection. This isn’t the first time a random person pops in selling batteries at a great deal. (P.s. the last 3 randoms selling battery packs ripped people off and sold either dangerous or non working battery packs. Batteries shouldn’t be cheap)

Ya Im down how many do you have left? Id like 8.

Those should be arriving within the next couple days @Sowapowa

Anyone have a review they can share?

I’ll take two, please PM me a link to pay with PayPal

somebody please give a review to @rocket61

For anyone on the fence or suspicious, I received the 3 batteries I ordered here and they’re great. Everything came as expected. These are authentic. I’ll be buying more.

did you ever get your batteries ?

are there still batteries available

Yes these are still available for purchase

You guys please don’t buy into this shit. Dude comes and makes a fake account and makes a fake claim of “ohh I got my batteries I’d buy again!”

Come on now


@whaddys You should be more thorough before you slander me. Ask other members such as @rockrock777 whose has been a member on here since 2011 and bought my batteries…

@Sowapowa bought 8 they have been a member on here since 2016… i can keep going …:man_facepalming:

@batsnbikes here’s your research:

both these members are fucking ghosts on here. here’s mine–this is what an active member’s profile looks like:

Sorry bro, I don’t buy your shtick


@batsnbikes Wanna sell me one for 80$ all in? If this is real, I’m your salvation. If this is fake, you’re pretty much dead on every single forum that you know of. I’m a regular in multiple forums. I’ll review what I receive (if you deliver ofcourse)


@Flasher You won’t be disappointed. I will deliver

@Flasher Failed to mention shipping to Canada and sent less money already for this supposed review… It would be 80+40 to ship to Canada . Seems fair that you send 40 once the battery arrives and you are satisfied with the product

I feel like these are sourced from lime scooters


False @I_keeps_it_real

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What about international shipping?