4mm to 6.5mm adapter

Is there an adapter that allows me to plug the 4mm motor (SK3 - 6374) leads into the 6.5mm bullets on my Max6 esc?

i dont wanna solder wires if i can get away with it… i found this (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3pcs-4mm-Female-to-6-5mm-Male-plug-ESC-No-wire-adapter-for-Motor-Brushless/222616797524?epid=2213437151&hash=item33d4fec154:g:M3YAAOSwo4pYLslC), Anyone with similar options? UK based sellers if possible

Maybe you can find some copper tube that’s the right diameter to make a sleeve? I’d do it right and solder if it were me though…

i’m 99% sure the max6 doesn’t have 6.5mm bullets

@scepterr will do any 4 mm adapter to any other bullet mm size.

Unfortunately 6.5 I don’t have

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If you’re not comfortable soldering, and you really should learn to solder if you’re DIYing electronics, you could always post in some local forum/facebook group (marketplace or local yardsale group) , “Hey I have these connectors I need changed, any competent solderers want to it for $10?” It’ll only take 5 min if they are in fact a competent solderer.

Highly recommend you just soldering 4mm’s instead of using adapters.