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4s lipo charging issue with iMax B610AC pro 200 watt 10Amp

I purchased this charger some time ago before finishing my build. I have about 12 successful charges and now all all of a sudden I’m having issues. Does anyone have experience with this model?

I have 2 4s 16ah batteries I charge individually. The charger has several lipo charging settings (fast charge, charge, balance) in which the same issue occurs in each setting. I typically balance charge at 4s at 8 Amps. Max charge rate is 10 amps.

The issues happens usually about 5 minutes into charging in which the charger will display the above message or it will say “battery voltage error”

I purchased the charger from enertion a few months ago and I see on the imax website there is a 12 month warranty so I will see about have this thing warrantied if I can’t figure it out

I’ve seen that message before. It was because 1 cell was way below it’s healthy voltage. I had to use a cheap charger at .o5a to bring it to a level my charger approved of.

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Yep, exactly what @psychotiller said: at least one of your lipo cells is below 3.2volts.

Oddly enough my cells are around 3.5. I rarely discharge below 3.3 for maximum life

could be a loose connection on one of your balance leads?


This is what I was thinking… what about trying a different balance port?

You should perhaps try charging other batteries.
I had a similar issue with an Imax charger, bought a second one and found out my batteries were somehow screwed up.