4S1P lipo pack / cell replacement

Hi! I have 4S1P 8000 mah lipo pack, one cell is broken. Now i want to replace it. So 4s1p means that each cell have 8000 mah? So i need to find one cell with 8000 mah?

Series combines voltage and parallel combines mAh, so each of your cells would have to be 3.7V and 8000mAh.

i have a 4s 10,000 mah lipo pack that I cut in half to slim down in a 3d printed case. should have added it to my spare part post but didn’t think anyone was running 4s…

its almost new. just used for a very quick test ride but i was too bored at 12mph :sleeping:

I’m running 2x 4s in series so 8s 8000mah, just one of my cells get a hole and smell was coming out of it so i took that bad cell to field and shoot it with air gun:) Now i need replacement, so one cell with 8000mah

Did you record it? and did it go :boom:? lol

8s makes more sense. hk doesn’t have those as single’s tho. you could just run 7s? or +4 at 11s?

No, didn’t record it! It was snow outside and -5 degree celsius so it slowed down chemical reaction. When i was aiming and pulled trigger i saw how bullet gets orange/red when going thru cell. So nothing more so i shoot 4 more, one bullet was still inside and there was little sparking and orange light, then after 2min. it started smoking a lot for maybe 2 min. and that’s it! It was beautiful and sad at the same time:)

O.k. but how many discharge c for one cell if my pack is rated at 30 c?

To be honest for the cost and hassle of splitting your old one and replacing a single cell may as well buy a new 4s complete lipo.

I don’t think C ratings are additive? If someone else can confirm. Its like a built-in-property of the chemicals used. But like @2-alex-2, said, I would agree it would be better to get a new battery and use this as a spare. Too much can go wrong with modifying batteries if your hand slips.