4th successful flight travelling with 10s4p 360wh battery pack

hi guys! just wanna share my 4th experience getting my board through TSA; this time being at LAX for my 2nd time.

basically I brought a spare motor which raised some eyebrows but they basically asked “is this a motor?” and i replied “yes its an electric motor”.

they then examined my tools, which was just my allen wrench tool and pliers. lastly they picked up my battery and asked if it was a battery and I said “yes!”. they wiped it down, tested the wipe cloth, then sent me on my way!

As with the last 3 times, I had a friend stand by to take my battery home if not let through

lets chat! thanks guys!



When your battery suffers a cascade failure in the overhead it’s all the rest of us that will suffer…

Be responsible, UPS will deliver it safe and sound.


Well it is nice to hop off the plane and not take a taxi

Do you guys use Lipo bags when traveling?

can you explain how the cascade failure is unique to a technically over the limit battery? the total amount of lithium is within limitations and I dont see how the cascade failure wouldnt be just as much of an issue within the legal capacity requirements

I personally dont because I dont use one in any other capacity like when charging. in the case of a spontaneous combustion it would help, but thats a whole separate issue; your batteries shouldnt just unexpectedly explodem Im happy to be proven wrong, but the way I understand it is just the same way your batteries will be fine sitting idle while youre at work I believe it will be fine in a pressurized cabin for a few hours.

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its nice to not rent a car or pay for parking!

I have flown with a pack made of prebuilt lipos before but never with a diy battery pack.

So a 99wh fire is just as bad as a 200wh fire I think is what he’s saying. Both a legal and illegal battery fire are just as bad

ahh i see, definitely use the strictest judgement when deciding to take a diy pack. my battery was bought from a maker in the community, its extremely well made and has lasted over a year with still no signs of degrading. Ive left it unsupervised for 4 weeks and had no issues, so Im very confident in the quality control and safety of the pack.

dont chance it if you arent 1000% sure your pack is solid.

i think thats basically the case. you can bring 360wh of lithium, just not in a 10s4p format. it has to be 3 separate batteries, to which I am questioning if a cascade failure is in any way related to my pack being a technically illegal configuration of a legal amount of lithium

Amount of lithium doesn’t exponentially creates bigger fire. Cellphone battery is just as bad as ur 360wh battery. (remember Samsung?) Actually BB official mangers always travel with extended battery which is more than 99wh. So it’s not just DIY community doing this.

I think it’s manufactured battery shows more failure than hand made because they mass produce and easy to be superficial about the construction of the pack.

I thought it was 99wh but I stand corrected if it’s 360wh in a 3pack format.

If it wasn’t for the Samsung note and unhoverboard fires from a few years ago, we probably wouldn’t have this 99wh restriction. But if an Esk8 fire happens, I’m willing to bet these restriction would likely be a complete ban


I have 0 interest in travelling with diy board. It’s just awkward. But I’m just pointing out the “officials” have been making these issues because of such large numbers.

All it would take was one bomb built into a esk8 like the shoe bomb …isn’t that the reason everyone has to take their shoes off and smell foot funk

Be careful – because altitude/pressure changes is likely something you cannot/did not test your pack for. So it’s essentially untested in that environment.

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Good point. Never thought about that Lipo puffs and less pressure can puffs lipo more. At the same time air is more chill and dry.

Cabin is pressured, but cargo haul isn’t?

360wh sounds like good amount of capacity to have after landing :slight_smile:

Cool that let u through. So is the pack divided in 3 pieces or it is one 360wh?