4th successful flight travelling with 10s4p 360wh battery pack

If the cabin was sufficiently pressurised so that your battery would feel no pressure difference, then your ears would also feel no pressure difference, which is definitely not the case.


360wh is perfect for me, I have a tiny board thats very lighweight so I usually get 25-30 miles out of it. I forgot a washer though and now my drive wheels isnt working right :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face: take inventory of everything and bring spares of EVERYTHING!!

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Lufthansa airline

Checked baggage: yes (up to 100 Wh or 2 g) / no (100-160 Wh or 2-8 g) Carry-on baggage: yes Carrier’s approval required: no (up to 100 Wh or 2 g) / yes (100-160 Wh or 2-8 g) (1)

What kind of labelling do you have on your battery? Would you mind sharing a picture?

I’ve flown with my 99wh Riptide battery - no issues. I took the battery out and threw it in my backpack. Rest of the board I checked.

Printed this out 2x and laminated. One for my backpack, and one in the checked bag.


theres no labels per se, just @barajabali brand stickers! the abrasions on the labels are from the rubber shell I made to house the battery, thats over a year of vibration and its still not worn through the thin sticker, just some ink transfer. the blue tape has been also abraised to reveal the small rubber pad underneath. 20180727_14080515327150939482320536887533522491

thats dramatic and a separate issue not related to eskate. if thats the case, people with electric wheel chairs couldnt fly either because of the similarities. also, using a high voltage battery pack to power a bomb is not something exclusive to lithium batteries, it is ALSO a separate issue.

Guys, don’t forget US screening is almost the easiest in the world :wink: Europe guys should be more careful as here sometimes bigger power banks are not even allowed :wink:

good point! in my experience so far Barcelona and London Gatwick literally didnt even ask any questions, everything when right through. LAX has asked questions twice but only asked if it was a battery and if they could wipe it to test for explosives. Im in Tampa and am more nervous about their security to be honest…not mostly forward thinkers in this town and Im worried they wont like the battery/motors

The rules about this topic are really confusing and not consistent at all.

I found airlines that allow batteries up to 300Wh (although this one does not allow Small personal transportation devices powered by lithium batteries, including hoverboards, balance wheels, and scooters.).

Then again, the airline is not doing the security checks. So they don’t have a way to enforce it. So it seems like as long as the Airport Security let’s you through you’re good to go.

I am soon moving from north america to europe and am really wondering wether I should just put my 10S3P battery in my carry-on and see how it plays out. Worst case scenario would be that I have to leave my battery behind which I would have to do anyways.

I went through 2 airport security checkpoints in Europe, one in Barcelona and one in London and literally neither even batted an eye. I just made it through my 5th TSA checkpoint now, again this one way just a wipe down testing for any explosive residue. If you travel frequently I would highly recommend TSA precheck just in case you ever are in a situation where you would need to leave you battery with a friend or something and need to go through the lines twice