4WD board using Chinese ESC

Hello Everyone :slight_smile:

i’ve chinese esc (dual motor type) that you can easily find in aliexpress , i want to use the existing esc with seconed vesc/esc to power the front wheels … I saw in oder topic same configuration but with diffrent esc , so i wondered if i can achieve the same with my esc .

i noticed a connector / terminals in the middle of the circuit … How can i know if i can use them to connect two conntrollers together …? The seller tried to ask the supplier but he returned without an answer.

Also is it possible to peer the same remote control with two “unsynced” esc’s ?

Attaching pictures of the esc …Capture%20_2018-10-17-00-12-11

Split ppm of the rx, maybe easiest option :slightly_smiling_face:

The receiver “module” is build in the esc :thinking:

Well damn that complicates things don’t it

Maybe you can hack 2 controllers together. Daisy chain 2 remotes into one housing

yes it can work… :rofl: So in the worst case scenario i can glue two remotes together and to connect between there triggers…

Dicky sells 4wd

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