4WD Electric Car breaks new world record

0-100KPH in 1.779 seconds, (or, 0-62MPH, for you ‘muricans – well, to be precise, 62.137119 MPH), by the student team at the University of Stuttgart.

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You should look at some of the crazy people who put like 700whp on an electric go-cart. Some of that stuff is ridiculous.

Ive seen some videos, basically there is not traction… just smoke… This thing isn’t much bigger than a go kart… I’d say most of the engineering is keeping traction and down wards airforce.

Makes me want to build 4WD eboards.

Is this record for an electric car? Because Top Fuel dragsters make it to 60mph in like 0.3 seconds!

Which got me thinking…maybe I can mount this on a board