4wd escs and motors for cheap

hi just bought a 4wd esc from diyeboard and 2 sets of dual motors wanted to know if anyone knows why they were so cheap and why everyone is saying that they are really complicated to make (4wd boards) they are coming in 2 weeks hope the pieces work15427231520 15057591450

Because they are shit and diyeboard is a scummy site with shady owners.

Search the forum


do you know if the pieces would work or will they be useless

Because you will probably get scammed


in what way

hey. are you selling any of those 18650 10000 mah batteries?

They don’t exist


A dual modern vesc will literally be outputting more amps than this 4wd esc (100a total in your case) . It will also have far superior acceleration, good and reliable brakes as opposed to something that will be hard to control. Also less chance of component failure/wires burning out/unreliable remote.

It’s not a good esc. It’s what was in the first iterations of cheap Chinese boards. They have all moved away from it (single, dual and quad versions).

is there anywhere online where you can buy a 4wd esc

This :face_with_monocle:

what do you mean

Search the forum and you will see many posts about that company

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Search the forum


They are the only company be ever banned here and they got a 1000 year ban to boot.

They got mad at a customer and posted his details and credit card info, that’s a big no no.


If they arrive I don’t see any problems to use these dual esc’s made for 4wd. The dual esc draws around 20A so you will get with 4wd max 40A which is around 1500W in total. 1500W isn’t bad at all. Just make sure you get a decent battery which can deliver 40A continues.

Is you really want to make a very powerfull board you should be better of with a dual flipsky 6.6 vesc and just a dual drive.

I got the ownboard dual esc and hubmotors (also chinese shit like many people say on this forum) and have around 700W max. I have had a good experience with them. Rode more than 1000km until now and I have had no issues so I don’t know why they should be crap.

I had it and used it, it works. Mine burned out after about 1000miles.

I’ve heard people have had dedcent success using these cheap hubs connected to a dual vesc and decent batteries with good success Yeah?

Listen to @Anubis over here, he’s got his life in order. You should definitely buy inferior parts with a detailed history of catastrophic failure that are not fit for purpose if by the magic of the esk8 lottery the parts your buy actually even work. All of this from a retailer that took great efforts to post personal information of a customer here including full credit card detail, address, name and telephone number with the sole purpose of someone using that information to steal from the customer.

So in summary, buy parts that will fail and kill you from a vendor that has absolutely no respect for you or your safety, against the recommendation of the DIY community that you are asking advice from. That’s a sound choice friend :+1:t5:


Please link the documented examples of those hubs/escs breaking. The belt setups are shit, everyone knows that, check my own post history I have said that. The hubs are fucking bulletproof though man, there is no “Catastrophic failure”. The ESCs as well, they’re so resilient because they are so low amps, they pretty much never fry without water. The connection to the remotes is pretty HQ too, there are so SO many of these ESCs out there and I dare you to find enough cases of them breaking to make the failure rate more than 1%.

Yes the vendor himself is an idiot who dosen’t care about CS. That’s why you use paypal and charge back if you receive the wrong parts, welcome to buying direct from china :+1: If you care about CS then you shouldnt buy from chinese vendors who clearly dont know how to make a proper site etc. You’re getting cheap prices for a reason. I dont know how reliable the 4WD is in saying that, but I can’t imagine it compomises the ESCs to the point where they fail often.

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You dont know what bulletproof means