4wd evo build 12s6p

So I’m building my V4 evo (RC version of course since XL is MIA). Here are my initial pics. I’ll end up putting in my 4p battery once it’s fixed. I just wanted to ask a quick question about my first focbox configuration. I posted it elsewhere but I figured this would be a better place. Can anyone possibly answer this question regarding focbox configuration. When I do the app setup for the maytech remote setup, I do full throttle to enter maximum pulse. Then I do maximum brake to enter minimum pulse. When I go enable it to enable current reverse with brake the motor immediately starts up as if though I’m pushing the throttle. The only way I could get the motor not to spin without pushing on the remote was to set the minimum pulse to the number shows without pushing the throttle at all. So to reiterate max pulse is full throttle forward, minimum is not pushing throttle whatsoever. Shouldn’t I be able to set minimum to the full brake pulse without it automatically running when I enable it?

I ordered the XL as well back at the beginning of December, but if it doesn’t show progress of being released I’ll likely look into other options and sell my place in line.

Any help is appreciated

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  1. Select no app and write
  2. Turn on the remote
  3. Click on the reset ppm button
  4. Pull throttle to the max and brake to the max
  5. Click apply
  6. Select current no reverse with brake
  7. Click write to ESC

Thanks. That’s actually the process I had been following. I played around with the minimum pulse and it turns out if you go back all the way with the throttle it passes the point where the display hit 0%. Releasing a little allowed me to see the exact pulse it hit zero. It foxed the issue

You can’t sell your place in line.

Meant I would receive and send to the buyer

That’s impossible are you ussing the Wizard to set up the PPM?

I’m using the download from enertion

Install @Ackmaniac and forget about all the issues, it’s way better


Thanks will do


Hey what power button did you go with on that enclosure?

Just a typical switch.

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Interesting placement. @Eboosted can you recommend a switch that will fit on the side near the electronics typically go?

16mm spdf latching switch, I think Mouser has them in stock. But I can’t look right now as I’m travelling to DFW via México City with a big package


Since this is my first carvon I wanted to check… is it supposed to sound like this? See video. I know I can make it quiet by changing the settings to foc. How much will this reduce the top speed? Just sounds so different then my other boards.

I remember my v2.5 sounding like a tie fighter, loved it!

from riding @Mikenopolis carvon board it sounds about right but thats just me

Lol that is an odd sounding board lol

Sounds like cards stuck in a wheel spoke even when you are coasting… That doesn’t sound right to me lol especially for something with no drivetrain…

I think the reason it makes noise when I am coasting is related to the urethane that they started wrapping the motor cans in. I’m more wondering about the noise when I throttle and brake. I’ve seen a few videos but it’s just hard to hear on them.

I think you are thinking of the the dual 6355 BLDC Raptor. My CarvOn V4 Raptor is FOC and really quiet

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