4wd tesla board battery question

Hi, basically what I’m doing is a bajaboard on the cheap just for the sake of it. I’m using: Tesla/Panasonic cells (21700) in a 10s3p config and I can upgrade it up to 10s6p limited by an 80amps bms 4 of these chinese n5065 270kv motors and 4 single flipsky VESC 4.20 ( I know, I know, I literally said “on the cheap”) The gearing will be 1:4 and I can adjust it to 1:3 if needed ->I’m not doing this with efficiency in mind and I might have made mistakes<- The cells are rated for 5000mah but I’m not expecting more than 4-4.5ah The motors are rated for 1800w max but I’m not expecting more than 1500w I know 190-200kv will give more torque but it seems like a lot to handle and probably much more than I’ll ever need

I’m not interested in the range or the weight

I have a question on how much power/current will the motors draw and essentially it comes down to


Using one of the online calculators I get an avg loaded speed of 45mph, obviously I’m not going to do that and I’m assuming that this is an overestimate or going full throttle 75% of the time

1st) From the calculator I get a peak discharge of 60A and a constant discharge of 45A which means I’d be pulling 15A per cell on a 10s3p

The max rating is 15A per individual cell. I’m wondering if I’m going to be able to pull 45A? is it an overestimate? or does it mean I actually have to upgrade to 10s4p or 10s5p to be safe and get more range?

Also, if I’m actually pulling 45A that means a lot of standard 5A rated Nickel strips doesn’t it ? Should I upgrade to a Copper bus?

The motors are rated at 3A each with no load so it’s quite surprising

2nd) Overestimating everything 1800W*4motors/36-ish V is north of 200 Amps. The max Amps I can get out of a 10s3p is 60A. The bms is rated at 80A but at most on a 10s3p I’ll be feeding 540W to each 4 270kv motors. Is it plenty enough to have a fun ride or is it not enough and I should upgrade the the battery to 10s5p or 10s6p which means upgrading the bms to 100A ? That would be 25A per vesc which are rated for 50A but they are quite cheap realistically and I don’t want to fry them. My guess is that it is enough and the battery upgrade would be to improve range and lower the stress on the cells but I’ve got no first hand experience with these boards. I may post pictures when I’ll be done welding the chassis and the cvd shafts

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Sounds like a really dope build. Drop some pics!