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4wd with 4 vesc through canbus port?

I was wondering if anyone has tried to use 4 vesc’s connected through the canbus to create a 4wd?

Is it possible to have more than 1 slave vesc connected by the canbus port?

what would a wiring diagram for this look like?

Curious as I’m thinking to buy 4 hub motors next time @hummie or @jacobbloy does a batch, and make it happen.

I have a customer with 8 vesc linked through the canbus. It is for a university competition so I can’t give any details other than it works very well!

Would you just daisy chain them?

Or should each be connected to the master’s canbus?

Daisy chain or splitter, it is all the same.

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I think you should do master slave rear drive then use splitter for the front master slave combination.

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One master, three slaves, doesn’t matter how they’re connected, it’s a bus so as long as both wires are connected to the canbus pins on each vesc, it should work.

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Owhh yes right didnt think about that! Great to know Tom! As long as all of the slave id are different, they gona respond to one master :slight_smile:

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