4x or more lipo's in parallel

so I was searching online for a harness that could handle 4x xt60’s but there were none… (1x xt60 to 4x xt60)

The only solution I came across was this:

So im wondering if the board can handle high current draw (probably not) and would someone be able to make a board that can handle high currents? maybe thick copper PCB?

And would something like this be suitable for spot welding (boss welder) (just broke my 10s3p 3 days ago… fml)

I have 4 zippy 2200mah 30c 3s flighmax that I would like to use in parallel, and I know I can just use 3 xt 60 harnesses (1xt 60 to 2 xt60 to make one for 4 lipos but that just seems sketchy)

Making them in to a 12s1p or 8s2p

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uh, i said paralell… :rofl:

so it would become 8800mah 3s 120c lipo

So 4x 3s lipos in paralell?

Yep… :grinning:

i think the @aulakiria spot welder should get real strong welds with 120c

4s really isnt going to give you much in speed. 6s only give about 15-17mph. You know this right?

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… are you drunk? :woozy_face:

I dont drink. Why only 3s then?

Whats the build?

3s… because its for spot welding

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That makes more sense lol. So why not just solder up your own paralell plug with xt60’


because soldering 4 10awg wires to a xt60 or a xt90 would be presumable hard

thats why im wondering if a pcb can handle high currents because it would be much cleaner

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You would use 5 connectors… One for total output and the other four for paralelling them. Follow me?

yes… do you know how thick 4 10awg wires would be on one xt90…

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Youre not following me lol. Give me a few mi utes to get high and ill pm you with pictures of what i mean


this would be much easier and i dont want to have dongle city thats why i opted out of apple products :sunglasses:


Yeah i get you on that. Just give me a minute lol

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This might work

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I thought I saw that somewhere.

Oh yeah evoheyax use that design in his 4wd

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tisk tisk you forgot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: