4x4 Electric Skateboard With 3D Printed Tires

In this case they just slip on

@RCLifeOn What the material is? On the video you said “some cheap flexible filament”. I have got the same idea spinning on my head every now and then, but i have worried that how the tire survives on the wheel. It appears to be very tightly on the wheel, judging from the fast forward on hammering it in :smiley:

I’m going to do the same! But when i know the material :stuck_out_tongue:

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Its TPU 10 char

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Split PPM likely will not work. I tired it on an older landwheel. The two ESC’s fought for bluetooth control of the reciever. The power (wheel speed) cycled back and forth between the two drives. When I reversed the wireing to original, The reciever that I tried to ppm recievers would no longer connect to a remote.

Two remotes is the only solution for now but it works very well.

You can find another dual remote mounting method at the end of this video at time index 16:05. No 3D printing is required. Just a bit of foam tape and a small amount of flat plastic stock.

Wait what? Does Landwheel use bluetooth between the transmitter and receiver?? Just that would scare the shit out of me.

Why? Boosted board is blue tooth. Its a secure pairing. Only one device can connect to a drive and vice versa. There is a pairing process that requires button pushes on both the remote and the drive.

Hmm… I have always thought that when there is a lot of bluetooth “traffic” (Like in a big city) the connection can be very bad, and even get lost…

i’m with @pkasanda on this one. I use this board in Boston every day and I have never had issues with the connection. I’ve had more problems with a 2.4 ghz controller with my single 6374 belt drive. EDIT: I replaced the screws on my landwheel and used a threadlocking compound. DON’T DO THIS: it damaged the plastic housing causing it to break. If you already have, ask landwheel for a new enclosure and don’t ride your board until you replace it. for those who still need to replace the screws, just screw them in dry- don’t add anything else and it should hold up just fine.

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Well, I guees I’ve always tought wrong then :grinning:

How have these sleeves held up after all this time? I’m super interested in attempting something like this!